What happened in #Week18 and #Week19 '23

Hi, I'm sharing collection of news from my areas of interests. There are lots of interesting things.

Artificial Intelligence

A good example of innovations ending with GPT: MetaGPT. You say the idea in your mind, it codes and gives it as an application.

The application called GPTZero, which detects content produced with artificial intelligence, reached 1.2 million users in a short time. The company's new product called "Origin" is installed as an add-on to the Google Chrome browser and detects web pages created by this method.

Fakespot, which detects fake comments written by bots for products on e-commerce sites with an artificial intelligence algorithm, was acquired by the Mozilla Foundation, the developer of the Firefox browser.

The Information is Beautiful group, which is famous for its infographics, has compiled the current developments in the field of artificial intelligence. An excellent visual summary.

In trials in the field of health, it was determined that ChatGPT asked patients more accurate questions than physicians, was able to empathize and evaluate the findings better.

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, received an investment of $300 million on a valuation of $29 billion.

Microsoft introduced the design tool "Designer", which works with artificial intelligence support. With a Canva-like interface, the solution can visualize the designs you describe by writing (with OpenAI's DALL-E 2 tool) on everything from presentations to social media posts.

Space & Technology

In the joint study of the US-based MIT, Harvard and Caltech universities, the swallowing of a planet by a star was recorded for the first time. The event, which took place in the constellation of Aquila, 12 thousand light years away, is also considered as a preview of the inevitable end of the Earth 5 billion years later.

NASA announced that there is water on the 4 moons of Uranus in the light of the information sent by the Voyager 2 vehicle.

Do not think that humanity has only polluted the Earth. Space has also taken its share from our wastes. The Swiss-based startup "ClearSpace", which was established to clean up space garbage, announced that it has signed an agreement to launch the first cleaning vehicle with the code "ClearSpace-1" through Arianespace (in 2026).

SpaceX has allocated $2 billion this year for the development of its Starship rocket. The founder of the company, Elon Musk, aims for the rocket, which exploded unplanned during the test flight last month, to reach orbit successfully in the second attempt.

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