What happened last Week#15 '23

Hi, I'm sharing collection of news from my areas of interests.

Space & Technology

The European Space Agency will send vehicles to Jupiter's moons in order to create habitable areas within the scope of the project coded "JUICE". The vehicle, which will enter orbit in 2031, will approach the targeted satellites 200 km away and deliver the most detailed data on the surface so far.

The Spain-based Sateliot initiative has transformed the base stations from which mobile phones receive service to serve from space. The first product to be placed in low orbit with SpaceX's rockets will perform its first test from an altitude of 500 kilometers. The project aims to provide full coverage with 256 base station satellites that it will reach in 2025.

Artificial Intelligence

AI: China tech giant Alibaba to roll out ChatGPT rival. Read on BBC.

Quora allows each member to create their own bot. Read on Quora.

Elon Musk is moving forward with a new generative-AI project at Twitter after purchasing thousands of GPUs. Read on Insider.

OpenAI CEO considers opening office as Japan government eyes adoption. Read on Reuters.

The Global Chatbot Market Size is Projected to Surpass Around USD 42 Billion by 2032. Check Grand View article.

Generative AI set to affect 300 million jobs across major economies. Read on Arstechnica.

European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT task force. Read on Reuters.

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