What happened last Week#16 '23

Hi, I'm sharing collection of news from my areas of interests.

Space & Technology

The Starship rocket, which SpaceX developed to carry astronauts to the Moon and Mars in the future, successfully took off. But for some unknown reason, it exploded in the air. If SpaceX succeeds in this project, a new page will be opened in the history of space.

UCLA-led study provides insights into how water might be formed by planets across the galaxy.

Artificial Intelligence

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, announced that they will focus on the capabilities of the current fourth version instead of developing the new version of the large language model GPT they use.

Google and Stanford University researchers have implemented a platform of 25 virtual characters represented by artificial intelligence, inspired by television shows. Players, each with different characteristics, come to life with a special application developed on ChatGPT.

OpenAI President Greg Brockman's fresh TED presentation has been released. First-hand insights into the history and potential of ChatGPT.

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